Introducing the Micro Pod. This compact corten steel garden building is perfect for those who love industrial design and seek a low-maintenance, versatile solution. Its exterior features corten steel with a sedum roof. Inside, the OSB boarding finish creates a cosy feel and adds to the industrial style. The Micro Pod aims to offer a cost effective yet high quality garden room to enhance any outdoor space.

The Micro Pod comes in a standard size and design, however we know that every space and design preference is unique, so we can make The Micro Pod to a bespoke size and alter certain design aspects.

Standard price from £19,925

Specifications for standard size:

– Length 2m

– Width 2m

– Height 2.5m

– Corten steel exterior

– Fully assembled, our experienced team will plan installation to minimise inconvenience and disruption to you. Our pods are delivered in sections allowing us to negotiate small access issues efficiently. We offer a reliable and time specific delivery and build service throughout the UK. We aim to deliver and install the pods between 4 – 8 weeks from the confirmation of your order.

– Internal timber frame with hardwood faced ply or OSB boarded internal walls

– Fully insulated using YSB Airtec reflective double insulation, equivalent to 55mm Polystyrene

– Full electrics including our standard brass light switches and sockets.

– Hardwood faced ply or OSB boarded internal walls

– EPDM rubber and sedum roof

– Choice of 3 different style steel powder coated minimalist, classic, or decco double doors available in all RAL colours, and also a new CORTEN STEEL finish!

– Double glazed double doors

– 22mm x 150mm T&G pine floor as standard untreated (for flooring upgrades please ask for further details)

– Standard external lighting

– As standard, all of our pods use a pad based foundation system, providing a versatile and robust solution, offering a time efficient and clean installation process

What Are the Benefits of our Micro Pod?

Our Micro Pod is more than just a cool feature.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a boom in the popularity of garden pods.

A Micro Pod is more than a cool looking feature for your home. It can give you a sense of freedom, space, and professionalism. It could even improve your mental health and boost productivity.

Micro pods come with many benefits. We have listed some of the top ones below.

During the pandemic, many workers have found themselves working from their own front room. The way we work has changed, and a new Micro Pod is just the thing to help you form healthy new habits and acclimatise to a new way of working. The Micro Pod is designed to be small and compact, whilst offering you the extra space to get away from you’re home envrionment so you can focus and create your own oasis.

Separating work and home life helps us to relax when we need to relax, and focus when we need to focus. It keeps things in order in our minds and establish a routine, which is a vital ingredient to maintaining good mental health.

The more space your home has, the more its value climbs. However, a micro pod not only means more space, but increases your home’s desirability to buyers, encouraging sale faster.

A micro pod is a major draw for all kinds of people including professionals and families. Even if you have a small garden, micro offices maximise the outdoor space and make them look fantastic.

All of the products that we use to make our Micro Pod can be recycled after it’s use and are sourced in the UK. The Sedum roof helps to provide a habitiat for wildlife and improve air quality.
You’re also going to be reducing your carbon footprint by travelling to the office less. Building a new micro pod won’t just benefit you, but the planet too.

The Micro Pod is designed to be small and compact, allowing it to fit into any outdoor space, including courtyard gardens, rooftop gardens and narrow spaces. The Micro Pod is installed in modular sections, meaning it can be installed in more hard to reach areas such as rooftops and courtyards. A Micro Pod gives you a sense of space, whilst also not eating into your precious garden area. 

Corten steel creates a natural protective layer which protects it from errosion. It’s long lasting and doesn’t require painting or maintenance like traditional timber buildings. The Sedum roof will maintain itself and flower and seed itself year after year. 

The Micro Pod can be used for multiple purposes, including: 

  • Home office
  • Music room
  • Studio
  • Games room
  • Gym

Enquire about a Micro Pod

Contact us today about a Micro Pod. We’re happy to talk through your plans and ideas and help your vision come to life. Once we know all of your specifications, we will provide you with a quote and estimated delivery and build times. 

Alternatively, give us a call on 07980382702.